with Kellin Deglan

The OTU Catcher Fundamentals Program is a focused curriculum designed to elevate the skills and mental toughness of baseball catchers, covering everything from basic mechanics to advanced game management strategies. Through targeted drills and a strong emphasis on mental resilience, it prepares catchers to lead with confidence, skillfully navigating the demands of the position to support their teams effectively. Led by Kellin Deglan, renowned for his first-round selection by the Texas Rangers in the MLB Draft and exceptional performance on Team Canada, this program delves into the intricacies of the catching position.

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with Donna Clarke

Led by Donna Clarke, an Olympian and record-breaking long jumper, the OTU Speed Development Program is a meticulously crafted curriculum aimed at maximizing athletes' speed potential through cutting-edge training techniques and biomechanical insights. It combines sprint mechanics, agility drills, and strength conditioning, all structured to enhance explosive power and acceleration. Athletes are equipped to outpace competition with sustained speed and agility, making them formidable contenders in their respective sports. 

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with David Blatz

Discover the OTU Strength and Conditioning Program, meticulously designed by David Blatz, acclaimed trainer with expertise honed at the Olympic level, to optimize athletes' performance year-round. This program offers tailored regimens for both in-season maintenance and off-season gains by balancing rigorous strength training, flexibility exercises, and recovery strategies to maintain peak condition during competition periods and to significantly enhance power and endurance in the off-season. This dual-phase approach keeps athletes at their best, regardless of the season.

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